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We cannot always build the FUTURE for our YOUTH but we can build the YOUTH for our FUTURE…

Psychosocial Support plays an integral role for Mental Health & Well Being of Students during the COVID Outbreak and beyond, I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools, of thinking, innovation, knowledge, support, kindness, motivation, positive attitude towards difficulties, moral support, from I, Me to WE they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams in whatever present situation they are in. The purpose of this guide is to provide parents and caregivers of students with high needs guidance, tools, and resources to help support your efforts to engage your child/young adult in continued educational opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Empower Adolescent Peer Support Come forth to be a peer educator/mentor by initiating and innovating online based peer support programs on life skills enrichments.

Learning with Life Skills Encourage children to read and exchange things they have read or learnt beyond textbooks. Engage in Playful Activities Drawing/painting or story telling can help them express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment which can release emotions like fear or anxiety.

  • CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Provide Support and Attention Seek guidance from the school principal/counselor or special educators about a child with special needs and contact the local medical authority, if needed.
  •  As Partners, create a new schedule for your child. 
  • Teach them to take care of their personal hygiene. 
  • Be in regular contact with your Child’s teacher/Counselor for continuous support. Practice self-care & create a happy family time. 
  • A token board can also be a helpful tool to motivate your child to complete work or reach a goal
  • Create a cozy corner 
  • Promote Resilience Motivate children to write about new skills and positive stories they have developed being at home and how they are spending their time with family.
  • Active Listening – Actively listen to children’s difficulties, clarifying doubts, reassuring them, generating hope and providing emotional support in resolving issues.
  • Be Role Model, Children are very perceptive and closely observe your actions. Parents can support by managing their own stressors so that they can be role models.

Healthy Lifestyles Set time for sleep, waking up, healthy balanced diet, learning and playtime as structured schedule to stay focused and motivated.

Mr. Dnyaneshwar Kalbhor
Cambridge International School

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