Eat right, Live strong – Nutrition in Early Childhood Development

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Someone truly said, School is the second home for child.

As parents, we are all aware the importance of good nutrition as a child goes from infancy to adolescence. Nutrition is crucial to the process of early childhood development.  Being human this is our first and crucial responsibility to support healthy eating and physical activity behaviors in our young children. Nutritious food is an essential to our own survival. Studies show that a nutritious diet makes child healthier and better able to learn.

Nutrition and the Child’s Growth are the connected to each other for the overall development of the child in early age.  Healthy food choices have a strong impact on a child’s growth. While educating kids, schools can design the activities which will be inculcated on food-based nutrition activities to encourage an increase in vegetable and fruit consumption. It is clearly showed in the several surveys, enhanced intakes of vegetables and fruits in project-covered areas.  Healthy eating in a child’s early years can increase their cognitive development and ability to learn for years to come. I being the Director of Cambridge International Group of Schools and CAMBRIDGE CHAMPS International Pre School is emphasize and dedicate to implementing nutritional values into the lives of the children of my schools. 

Nutrition is one of the three major factors that impact a child’s overall development.  Research studies show that nutrition in a child’s early years is linked to their health and academic performance in later years. The benefits of good nutrition to health are endless.  Better-nourished children have an enhanced natural ability to fight infection. Secondly, since iron is a vital component of brain tissue, iron deficiency makes nerve impulses move slower and may cause permanent damage to a child’s brain, especially in the first two years of his/her life; iron deficiency during this time is linked to behavior changes and delayed psychomotor development.

Here are few points can be taken in to regular practices to inculcate healthy life. –

  • Discuss with your child’s doctor regularly to review the child’s weight and height -The doctor plots your child’s weight and height on a growth chart. This chart shows the relationship between your child’s height and weight, the curve of the chart is extremely important and monitors if the child’s weight and height are growing at the same rate. Your child’s growth can tell you about their nutritional needs. 
  • Nutrition balance in diet– Each one of your child’s meals should include a fruit, a vegetable, grains, a source of protein and dairy. 
  • Picky behavior changing methods- We all know children are picky eaters. It is important having a balanced and nutritious diet as it is directly impacts all aspects of a child’s growth and development.  
  • Sufficient quantity of Water makes up balance in kid’s body weight and is needed to keep all parts of the body functioning properly. 

The addition of nutrition education programmes is urgently needed for obesity prevention.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast can help you stay focused and energized while learning healthy snacks can give you energy when you are hungry between meals.

Mr. Ram Raina
Founder Director
Cambridge International Group of Schools.

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