Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT. ― Stephane Nappo

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 Internet Safety Day 2022

“As cyber security leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture and you need the business to take place and be part of that security culture.”  

What is world Internet Safety ?

World Internet Safety Day promotes a safer and more responsible use of online technology by children and young people around the world. It was started by The EU safe borders project in 2004 and taken up by Insafe network in 2005.

Why should we be safe on the internet?

We store a lot of confidential information on our computers. If we don’t keep it safe, it can be stolen or deleted without your knowledge. There are numerous viruses and hackers around the world that can harm our devices. We should be safe by using anti-viruses and in many more ways.

How can we be safe?

There are many ways to be safe on digital platforms. 

1. Keep your personal information offline.         

2. Use strong passwords for all your accounts.                             

3. be careful with what you download.     

4. Use a safe network and browse safely. 

5. Purchase things from trusted platforms.

6. Keep anti-virus programs up to date 

7. Don’t share your passwords with everyone 

8. Be careful with whom you meet online

According to me, Internet Safety Day should be celebrated all over the world. This will bring awareness to people about their PC security. By this, the risk of your devices being hacked can be lowered. Nowadays, there are numerous cases of people losing a lot of money and their personal information due to hacking.

How to protect your Computer from Viruses, Trojans etc ?

  • We can protect our computers by installing anti-virus software.
  • These anti-virus software programs search for evidence by checking the behavior that is typical of these viruses, worms, bombs etc.
  • When the software finds a problem, it quarantines the infected files.
  • An anti-virus program needs frequent updating to avoid any threat to your systems. 
  • You can set your systems to update the anti-virus program automatically. 
  • The same is true for your Windows Operating System.
  • Don’t buy anything online without talking to your parents first.
  • Some ads may try to trick you by offering free things or telling you that you have won something as a way of collecting your personal information.
  • Remember to protect your cell phone and other hand-held devices.
  • Be Careful What You Download. Keep Personal Information Professional and Limited.
  • Keep Personal Information Private and protected by a strong password.

By Aditya Gupta | Grade 8 

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